Where to buy Laurentian Chief moccasins Canada

Find out where to buy Eugene Cloutier's Laurentian Chief moccasins, mukluks, shoes and boots, anywhere in Canada. Call us for more information.

Since 1945, Eugene Cloutier's Laurentian Chief brand has been a symbol of comfort, durability, superior quality and exceptional craftsmanship. Whether it's moccasins, mukluks, snowshoe boots, shoes or slippers, every Laurentian Chief shoe is made using traditional methods. We use premium materials such as soft leather and suede. Many of our shoes have fleece or sheep wool linings, leather fringe, leather laces, hand sewn beads, and a variety of soles (rubber, cushioned, Indian-inspired, crepe, etc.) for optimum comfort.

Choose from our vast selection of Laurentian Chief shoes for men, women and children, available in many colors, models, heights and sizes (sizes 1 to 16). You will find Laurentian Chief products at many retailers everywhere in Canada.

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