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- SINCE 1945 -


Fabricated in Quebec, Canada, Laurentian Chief moccasins, slippers and mukluks are first and foremost distinguished by their high quality. Each model is realized according to ancestral Amerindian traditions, and stands out with a remarkable attention to detail and know-how passed down for generations.

Our experienced craftsmen ensure that every component, from moose hide leather to suede, sheepskin and hand sewn beads, meet strict standards of quality and design. The result is a product of unmistakable quality and durability that has made Eugene Cloutier famous throughout Canada with our Laurentian Chief brand Amerindian footwear.

Eugene Cloutier

Keeping it local

From design to manufacturing, all our products are created and assembled in Quebec City, Canada.


Our team of local artisans works together, either in the workshop or from home to create the best Amerindian footwear ever. They are proud to contribute significantly to local economic growth with such remarkable products.

Eugene Cloutier
Eugene Cloutier

Amerindian footwear

Our moccasins, slippers and mukluks are Native inspired and handcrafted. The design, the flexibility of the materials and the quality of our products make the pride of our craftsmen. Our range of products meets specific needs such as traditional snowshoeing, daily activities or sitting by the fire, you will appreciate the comfort of Laurentian Chief footwear.


We are proudly crafting Canada’s finest Amerindian footwear

Precisely Crafted

Each material is precisely measured and cut before being assembled in our workshop by our craftsmen. Once assembled, our materials harmonize with each other to offer durability and elegance.

Eugene Cloutier
Eugene Cloutier

Hand Crafted, Hand Finished

Each of our footwear is hand-finished with the utmost care to ensure consistent quality and a special attention to detail that makes the reputation of Eugène Cloutier’s products.

Unparalleled comfort

made for you

The best quality since 1945

proudly canadian business

100% handcrafted

we pay close attention to details

Manufactured WITH Renewable Energy

More than 90% of the energy used to make Laurentian Chief’s moccasins, slippers and mukluks is generated by hydroelectricity, which significantly reduces our ecological imprint.

Eugene Cloutier
Eugene Cloutier

RESPECTING NATURE Fur, leather, suede

For centuries, Aboriginal and Amerindian people recognized the value of the Earth, its bounty, and its riches. The pelts and the furs used to make Laurentian Chief footwear come from environmentally-responsible hunting.


At Eugene Cloutier, our priority is your utmost satisfaction. We are committed to providing you with high quality products at an advantageous cost.

All of our moccasins are hand laced and made from premium materials to provide comfort, durability and elegance.

In business since 1945, we would like to thank you for the trust shown towards our Laurentian Chief brand over the years.