Traditional Snowshoe Boots Canada

Discover our collection of traditional snowshoe boots for men and women from Laurentian Chief by Eugene Cloutier, made in Canada, in leather and natural suede, and that are available in many colors, models, and sizes. Find Laurentian Chief retailers everywhere in Canada and the USA.

For centuries, snowshoes were the most popular means of transport for nomadic peoples. So, they had to have sturdy, warm, waterproof boots. Today, snowshoeing remains a hobby rather than a "means of transportation", but the needs of the snowshoeing adepts’ haven’t changed.

Made using ancestral methods, traditional snowshoe boots from Laurentian Chief by Eugene Cloutier are made of soft moosehide and natural suede, with sheepskin lining for optimal comfort even during the coldest days. You will also find various soles’ models (Italia and Ski Crepex natural) for a better foot support. We also offer models decorated with leather fringes or fur borders. Each pair of Laurentian Chief traditional snowshoe boots is made by experienced Canadian artisans to offer you unequaled comfort and durability.

Choose from our selection of traditional snowshoe boots for men and women, available in many colors (black, grey, brown, cream, brown), sizes (4 to 13), and styles (with fringes, embroidery, and fur ornaments).

Any questions?

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