Men Mocassins Canada

Check out our superb collection of men moccasins from Laurentian Chief by Eugene Cloutier, made in Canada, in soft moosehide, leather and natural suede, that are available in many colors, models and sizes. Find a Laurentian Chief retailer everywhere in Canada.

The moccasin is one of the oldest shoewear known to mankind. However, moccasins have adapted over the years and remain popular with men all across Canada. Men's moccasins from Laurentian Chief by Eugene Cloutier are manufactured using ancestral methods and still continue to stand out from the competition for their remarkable quality.

Our specially trained artisan team designs each pair of moosehide and waterproof soft suede moccasins. Some men's moccasins models also feature a sheepskin lining, leather lining and memory foam sole for optimum comfort. You will also find models with hand-sewn beads, Indian-inspired soles and cushioned soles. We assure you that each pair of Laurentian Chief moccasins is created to last for many years and to accompany you in your daily moments of relaxation.

You will be able to choose among more than 40 models of men's moccasins offered in several colors (black, brown, blue, grey, brown, natural leather), models (lined leather or sheepskin lining, memory foam sole, with or without lacing, flexible, Indian sole, etc.), and sizes (sizes 1 to 16).

Any questions?

If you would like to know more about our Laurentian Chief men's moccasins, the models available or our traditional manufacturing methods, please feel free to contact us by email or by phone. You will find Laurentian Chief retailer everywhere in Canada, where you can buy your Laurentian Chief men's moccasins today!