Laurentian Chief Amerindian-inspired Boots Canada

Take a look at our magnificent collection of Laurentian Chief Amerindian-inspired boots by Eugène Cloutier, made in Quebec, leather, suede and fur. Snowshoe boots, conchos, mohicans, mukluks, Apache style boots available in different models, sizes, and colors. Find your Laurentian Chief retailers throughout Canada and the United States!

The Amerindian and Native culture in Quebec and Canada has enriched our own culture with many traditions such as clothing and footwear that have stood the test of time without compromising their usefulness or style. Whether it is snowshoe boots, mohican and concho boots, Apache style boots, or mukluks, all Laurentian Chief Amerindian-inspired boots by Eugène Cloutier are produced using traditional Native methods, while being adapted to the current needs of its customers.

Laurentian Chief craftsmen create and manufacture all boots with high-end natural leather, and soft suede for better water resistance. In addition, you can choose from a variety of soles (Italia sole, rubber sole, natural Ski Crepex sole, etc.) to obtain optimal support and comfort for your feet. We offer models decorated with hand-sewn Amerindian-inspired pearls, rabbit fur collars (fake fur available), fringes, embroidery, with or without lacing and more. Be assured that each craftsman respects all the stages of boot manufacturing passed down for generations in order to obtain an Amerindian-inspired boot that will exceed all your expectations.

Choose from our impressive selection of Amerindian-inspired boots, which includes snowshoe boots, conchos boots, Apache style boots, traditional mukluks, Mohican style boots, and nuka style boots available in multiple colors (brown, grey, grey, blue, black, red, brown), height (8" to 16") and sizes (from size 1 to 16), for men, women and children.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about our Laurentian Chief Amerindian-inspired boots, the models available and our traditional creative methods, we invite you to contact us by email and phone. Find a Laurentian Chief retailer near you, anywhere in Canada and the United States, and buy your Laurentian Chief boots today!