Laurentian Chief moccasins Canada

Take a look at our collection of traditional Laurentian Chief men's and women's moccasins by Eugène Cloutier, made in Canada, in leather and natural suede. Variety of colours, models and sizes. Find Laurentian Chief retailers throughout Canada and the United States.

Laurentian Chief traditional moccasins for men and women stand out for their high quality and exceptional construction.

Our team of craftsmen make each pair of moccasins according to ancestral models, with soft leather and solid, waterproof suede. Many models feature sheepskin or fleece linings, fringes, raw leather laces, authentic hand-sewn Native pearls and a variety of soles (rubber, cushioned, Indian-inspired, crepe, etc.) for optimal comfort and support on the foot. Rest assured that each pair of Laurentian Chief moccasins is built to last for many years and bring you comfort and well-being every day.

Made from more than forty traditional men's and women's moccasins, available in several colours (brown, black, mocha, chamois, cream, white), models (with or without lacing, lined with leather or wool, soft, etc.), and sizes (sizes 1 to 16).

Any questions?

If you need more information about our Laurentian Chief traditional moccasins for men and women, the models available and our traditional production methods, we invite you to contact us by email and phone. Find a retailer near you, anywhere in Canada and the United States, and get your traditional Laurentian Chief moccasins today!