Indian-inspired Leather Boots Canada

Check out our fabulous collection of Indian-inspired leather boots from Laurentian Chief by Eugene Cloutier, handmade in Canada, in moose hide, leather and fur. Look at our boots, mukluks, mohicans boots and more available in many models, colors and sizes. Find your Laurentian Chief retailers throughout Canada!

Whether it is snowshoe boots, mukluks or conchos boots, all Indian-inspired leather boots from Laurentian Chief by Eugene Cloutier are made by using traditional methods, while being adapted to the modern needs of the clientele. Even after more than 70 years in business, Laurentian Chief boots continue to excel in quality and durability.

Our craftsmen create each pair of Indian-inspired leather boots with top-quality moose hide to ensure optimal waterproofness. Moreover, for a better foot support, you will have the chance to choose among a set of soles (Italia sole, rubber sole, Ski Crepex sole, etc). Also, you will find models wearing rabbit fur trims, adorned with hand-sewn beads, fringes, embroidery and lined in sheepskin for more warmth and style. We assure you that each artisan follows the manufacturing steps to the letter so that the result is a leather boot of the highest quality that you will wear for many years.

Choose from our selection of Indian-inspired leather boots, including mukluks, snowshoe boots, tsar style boots and mohican style boots, that are available in many colours (black, red, blue, grey, brown, cream), heights (5.5" to 16") and sizes (1 to 16").

Any questions?

If you need information about our Laurentian Chief Indian-inspired leather boots, the models available and our traditional design methods, please feel free to contact us by email and phone. Find a Laurentian Chief retailer near you, anywhere in Canada, and buy your leather boots today!