Indian Winter Boots Canada

Discover our superb selection of Indian winter boots from Laurentian Chief by Eugene Cloutier, handcrafted in Canada, in moose hide, leather, suede and fur. Choose from our mukluks, snowshoe boots, mohicans, tsar boots and more, available in different colors, heights, and sizes, at Laurentian Chief retailers everywhere in Canada.

Well-impregnated in Canada, the Amerindian and Aboriginal culture, rich in traditions of all kinds, still had to adapt to the winter climate. Whether it is mukluks, tsar boots, snowshoe boots or mohican style boots, Indian winter boots from Laurentian Chief by Eugene Cloutier are designed by following traditional Aboriginal methods, while adapting to modern customer needs. Since 1945, Laurentian Chief winter boots have continued to stand out for their impressive durability and exceptional quality.

Our craftsmen make each pair of winter boots with premium moose hide and suede for maximum waterproofness. Our various soles (Italia soles, rubber soles, double soles, Ski Crepex soles), allow you to obtain an unequalled support for your foot. Also, we offer models with fur collars, fur pompoms, hand-sewn beads, sheepskin lining, with fringes, and much more for more warmth and style. Each artisan scrupulously follows the traditional manufacturing steps so that each winter boot is of superior quality and keeps you warm for many winters.

Choose from our inventory of Indian winter boots, which includes mukluks, tsar boots, nasturtium boots, snowshoe boots, nuka boots, and mohican boots, available in a wide choice of colors (black, gray, brown, blue, red, brown, natural leather, etc.), sizes (1 to 16) and heights (.5" to 16").

Laurentian Chief Tsar Winter Boots with beads and Ski Crepex Sole 8” (Blue)
Laurentian Chief Winter Nuka Books with beads and Italia soles 6” (Brown)
Laurentian Chief Mohican Winter boots with rubber sole (Brown)
Laurentian Chief Winter Muklkuks with beads and Italia sole 16” (Black)
Laurentian Chief Winter Mukluks with faux fur trim and Crepex sole 8” (Brown)

Any questions?

If you need information about our Laurentian Chief Indian winter boots, the models available and our traditional design methods, we invite you to contact us by email and phone. Find a Laurentian Chief retailer near you, anywhere in Canada, and buy your Laurentian Chief winter boots in time for winter!