Indian leather shoes Canada

Check out our vast collection of Laurentian Chief Indian leather shoes by Eugene Cloutier, handmade in Quebec, in natural leather and moose leather, available in several models, colors and sizes. You will find Laurentian Chief retailers everywhere in Canada!

Amerindian culture has left an immense mark on Canada's history and culture. This can still be seen in the style of clothing and Indian leather shoes, which have been adapted to better meet people's modern needs. Whether it is leather moccasins, leather apache shoes, leather capucines, leather mohican shoes with leather fringe, Indian leather shoes from Laurentian Chief by Eugene Cloutier are manufactured according to ancestral Aboriginal methods and continue to stand out for their incredible quality and increased durability.

Our craftsmen manufacture each pair of Indian shoes with soft and resistant leather, and premium quality, waterproof moose hide, so that you fully enjoy the comfort of each shoe. In addition, you will have the choice among several soles (double sole, cushioned sole, memory foam sole, natural Ski Crepex sole, rubber sole, etc.), for maximum foot support. You'll also have the chance to choose from a variety of models adorned with fur trims (rabbit and faux fur), hand-stitched beads, embroidery, fringes, with or without lining, with or without lacing, and more. Each craftsman makes sure to respect the design and manufacturing process to obtain an Indian leather shoe that offers comfort, quality and durability for many years.

Choose among our panoply of Indian leather shoes, leather moccasins, apache shoes, nukas shoes, papooses, driving mocs, conchos, offered in several sizes (1 to 16), and colors (black, brown, beige, cream, blue, red, white).

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If you need more information about our Laurentian Chief Indian leather shoes, the models available and our traditional design methods, we invite you to contact us by email and phone. Find a Laurentian Chief retailer near you, anywhere in Canada, and buy your Laurentian Chief Indian leather shoes today!